Diploma in Commercial Comics, Illustrations and Animation year 2 (Night School)

Start Date: 8th September, 2021


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Full payment is required

Basic Information

Diploma in Commercial Comics, Illustrations and Animation year 2 (Night School)
Duration of Study
2 Years
The curriculum is divided into two years
The current diploma course is categorized as year 1.
(Medium of instruction: Cantonese)
This course focuses on three-dimensional animation basic theory and technique. This course aims to cultivate students with basic 3D animation knowledge and production capacity.

This course has a total of 18 subjects, 8 classes per subject;
The total number of courses is up to 720 hours.

QF Level:3
QR Registration No.:20/000409/L3
Registration Validity Period:26/05/2020 To 31/08/2021
The names of operator and granting body of this qualification have been changed from “Hong Kong School of Animation & Visual effects Limited” to “SAVFX Animation and Visual Effects Education Limited” with effect from 26 May 2020.Registration Validity Period:01/09/2018 To 31/08/2021
1. Students who completed the Professional Diploma Program of Comics, Illustrations and 2D Animation;
2. designer.

Start Date
8th September, 2021
Class Time
3 classes each week (Mondays to Saturdays); 2.5 hours for each session.
Tuition fees $ 64,800


  • cartoon character design
  • 3d logo animation
  • 3d mechanical modeling
  • 3d mechanical animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Clay modelling
  • Storytelling
  • Storyboarding
  • 3d cartoon modeling 1
  • 3d cartoon modeling 2
  • 3d material and lighting
  • Rigging
  • 3d cartoon animation 1
  • 3d cartoon animation 2
  • 3d compositing
  • 3d printing
  • Mold Making
  • Final year project