Naveen Ma

Naveen Ma

Program leader

Naveen Ma is a dream-driven educator who gave up financial security and a tenured teaching position at a Government institute to pursue his vision of founding the SAVFX Animation and Visual Effects Education. The school is composed of a group of experienced industry professionals, including comic artists, illustrators, and animators, dedicated to teaching students about animation, illustration, and visual effects knowledge and skills.
After graduating from Wah Yan College, Kowloon, Ma became an animator at the age of 21. At 30, he became an excellent animation lecturer, and at 40, he founded the "School of Animation and Visual Effects" , which was later renamed "SAVFX Animation and Visual Effects Education" two years later. At the age of 46, he was honored as the 7th Youth Dreamer for his years of hard work and pursuit of his dream.

Ma has contributed to the production of many animation, film, and 3D printing works, including "Shaolin Soccer" (the Best Visual Effects at the 38th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards and the Best Visual Effects at the 21st Hong Kong Film Awards in 2001), "Kung Fu Hustle" (the Best Visual Effects at the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards and the Best Visual Effects at the 42nd Taiwan Golden Horse Awards in 2005), "Animation of End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation" (Special Commendation Award for Best Digital Entertainment (Computer Animation) in 2009), "Top 10 Chinese Golden Song Awards Ceremony Opening Animation" (Special Commendation Award for Best Digital Entertainment (Computer Animation) in 2012), "Pleasure and Pressure" (the Champion of the Open Category in the 2016 Animation and Video Game Expo Figure Design Competition), and "3D Printed Animation Wheel" (the Silver Award in the 3D Printing Category at the 19th Hong Kong Digital Printing Awards in 2021).

Throughout his career, Naveen has worked at various advertising and film companies, such as Menfond Electronic Arts & Computer Design Co. Ltd., Centro Digital Pictures Ltd., and Imagi International Holdings Limited. He has also served as a program director and lecturer at several tertiary institutions, such as City University of Hong Kong, Hunan University in China, Hang Seng University, Hong Kong Productivity Council, and Hong Kong Design Institute.

His story is inspiring and encourages young people to courageously pursue their dreams. His career proves that with determination and hard work, one can achieve their dreams and become a role model to inspire more people to pursue their ideal lives.