Billy Tang

Billy Tang

Animation Lecturer

Character animator / Rigging artists

Academic Qualifications (Online animation school), California, US
Diploma of Advanced Studies in Character Animation
Certificate of Animals and Creatures Master Class
-study in depth character animation from leading animators from studios such as Disney, Pixar, ILM, BlueSky, etc…

British Columbia Institution Technology (BCIT), Vancouver, Canada
Diploma of Mechanical Engineering, CAD/CAM faculty
-study mechanical design using different CAD software,
-study programming languages

There would be only 3 points to sum up my background and my goal.
- Thought of animating as a hobby more than a life time career or profession until 1999 and now working as an animation director,
- Took a different and “interesting” route to get into the field of animation and fell in love with it ever since,
- Wished my background and experience would inspired people to love animation as much as I do.